Climate & Air Quality

Did you know that the actions you take every day affects the air you're breathing which in turn influences your health and well-being? By using less energy and switching your electricity supplier to one that produces local renewable energy, you can make a significant and direct impact on cleaning up your air and providing a healthy environment for yourself and future generations.

Thanks in part to the Breathe Project, a camera was installed on the top of the EQT building in downtown Pittsburgh. This wide-angle high-resolution camera takes pictures every day so you can compare good air quality days to bad ones and see what you're breathing in.

The two images below were taken in the summer of 2014.


Which air would you rather be breathing? If you take action now, we can eliminate bad air quality days so we can all breathe easy.

One of the simplest ways you can make a difference is to switch your electricity supplier to one who produces renewable electricity. Find out how to do that on our Energy Switching page.